The Goldberg Law Firm, LLC. Started eTrafficlaw.com 15 years ago. The attorney is Nathan H. Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg is licensed in Missouri, Illinois and Washington D.C. for 30 years. In addition, Mr. Goldberg is also Licensed to practice in Federal Court.

Do It Online

All tickets may be done online with our office unless you are charged with driving while suspended / revoked, DWI or 21 miles or more over the limit. For these offenses, you will need to call our office, so we can better understand your charges and how best to assist you with your legal needs.

Guilty / Not Guilty

What happens if you just pay the fine and don’t hire an attorney?

Several different things can happen:

    The court will report your ticket violation to your state driving record
    If the violation was a moving violation points could be place on your driving record.
    If you receive too many points in a period of time your license could be suspended.
    Your insurance rates could go up. Points stay on your record for 5 years.
    If you drive for a living, traffic violations could be harmful to gainful employment.

    What happens if you hire us?


     We will put our legal skills and knowledge to work for you, to obtain a plea agreement to a reduced charge that will not be reported to your driving record. Some prosecutors will charge more money in fines, in exchange, for the amended charge to a no-point violation. Sometimes, prosecutors might require you take a driving course, but in return will amend the ticket, so it doesn't show up on your record. If you have questions regarding your violation and what we can do for you please feel free to call.




     You can handle your traffic violation on-line or over the phone. Saving you travel time, work time and family time.

    You can submit a ticket on-line 24 hours and 7 days a week.

    Up front pricing for attorney fees.

    Very competitive pricing. Our services start at $79.00 and increase based on your violation and what court we will have to attend. Last year approx 70% of our client’s paid $79.00 for the attorney’s fee.



     Our site utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your transactions, including credit card info and personal info provided to us.

    Once your information is received and reviewed, we will contact you based on your preferred method, that your ticket submission has been approved and that we are handling your ticket. Then your card is billed for our services.


    Does eTRAFFICLAW.com approve and accept all tickets?

     We accept 99% of all submissions. If you have a serious violation such as driving while suspended or revoked, DWI, warrants, or 21 miles or more over the speed limit, you need to call in to the office at 314-771-1900 for further details.



If you did not find the answer to your question please feel free to give us a call 314-771-1900.